Silver Linings Originals

2009 Wee Feathered Ones
Wee Chickadee
Wee Cardinal
Wee Blue Jay
Wee Blue Bird
Wee Robin's Nest
Wee Hummingbird

Wee Redwinged Blackbird
Wee Meadowlark
Wee Baltimore Oriole
Wee Stellar Jay
Wee Goldfinch
Wee Cedar Waxwing

*Purchase setting and border fabric at your local quilt shop to complete your quilt.

2009 Wee Feathered Ones
All 12 Bird E-patterns - $69.00
All 12 Bird Printed Patterns - $84.00
All 12 Bird Fabric Kits (without pattern) - $99.00
Complete Bird Package - All 12 Fabric and Printed Patterns (includes only fabric for blocks) - $169.